Panel Testers

Structural panel quality assurance test machines are manufactured, sold and serviced by Metriguard. The Model 840 Rail Shear Tester is the newest test equipment from Metriguard, specifically designed for testing OSB used in the wood I-joist industry. Metriguard also manufactures a Panel Performance Tester (Model 820) and Panel Bending Tester (Model 830) for evaluating finished panel product quality.

840 Rail Shear Tester

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The Rail Shear Tester is ideal for research, certification and quality assurance testing of I-joist web stock. The Model 840 provides a simple, efficient alternative to the edgewise shear test method specified in ASTM D1037, which simulates the shear stress that occurs in web members of wood I joists under bending load.

Testing panel specimens with the Metriguard’s Rail Shear Tester is quick, easy and safe, eliminating the need for tedious and time-consuming drilling and bolting of test rail fixtures as detailed in the ASTM standard. Ongoing shear tests can be done for quality assurance programs for ASTM D5055 Standard Specification for Establishing and Monitoring Structural Capacities of Prefabricated Wood I-Joists.

Operation of the system through a touchscreen monitor, keyboard or mouse is simple. A single test specimen is dropped into the Model 840 jaw assembly. The operator-initiated test sequence engages protective guards, clamps the specimen top and bottom to a pre-set force and applies shear force until failure occurs. Load at which a specimen fails (shears) is recorded into an SQL database accessible by multiple analytic software tools. After a test is complete, the specimen drops out of the jaw assembly, the loading door lock is disengaged so that the access door can be opened and the system is ready for the next test.

In 2008, Metriguard acquired a line of panel testing equipment from TECO and manufactures and services this equipment under license from TECO.

820 Panel Performance Tester

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The Model 820 Panel Performance Tester performs concentrated static, impact load and deflection test requirements in accordance with PS 2. It is appropriate for use in any structural panel manufacturing facility, regardless of which agency provides certification. The Model 820 (formerly TECO QL-2 Concentrated Load and Impact Panel Testing Machine) can test panels from 1/4” to 1-1/8” thick on test spans of 16, 20, 24, 32, 40 and 48 inches.

The Model 820 is an upgrade replacement for older TECO models or other panel testing equipment that is no longer supported by the manufacturer. Metriguard has recently been able to upgrade some older TECO panel test machines with the Model 820 control system to extend the life of the equipment. Upgrading the control system allows Metriguard service technicians to help mill personnel with troubleshooting and maintaining the older equipment. The retrofit is appropriate for the QL-1, QA-2 and QA-2E. The QL-2 tests panels for:

830 Panel Bending Tester

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The Model 830 Panel Bending Tester evaluates finished 4x4 panels based on ASTM D3043 (Method C). The Model 830 (Formerly TECO QL-3) can measure panel deflection in both the parallel and perpendicular direction and takes the panel to ultimate load.

The 830 consists of two rotating posts that produce a load across the panel. The posts are driven by electronically controlled hydraulics. The panel deflection is measured by a digital encoder, eliminating the need for micrometers or other manual measurements. From an operating point of view, one person can easily run the 830 to perform the ASTM D3043 test on a panel. The operator loads the test specimen into the Panel Bender and prompts the computer to run the test. The computer will ask the operator to enter specific information such as the panel thickness and span rating, the producing plant identification, the thickness of the specimen being tested, a control number assigned to the specimen and any other user- or application-specific information. After this data is entered into the computer, the 830 will run the first half of the test. The 830 will pause and release the panel, allowing the operator to rotate the panel for testing in the subsequent position.

When all tests are completed, reports provide the following information: