Panel Testers

Structural panel quality assurance test machines are manufactured, sold and serviced by Metriguard. The Model 840 Rail Shear Tester is the newest test equipment from Metriguard, specifically designed for testing OSB used in the wood I-joist industry. Metriguard also manufactures a Panel Performance Tester (Model 820) and Panel Bending Tester (Model 830) for evaluating finished panel product quality.

840 Rail Shear Tester

The Rail Shear Tester is ideal for research, certification and quality assurance testing of I-joist web stock. The Model 840 provides a simple, efficient alternative to the edgewise shear test method specified in ASTM D1037, which simulates the shear stress that occurs in web members of wood I joists under bending load.

820 Panel Performance Tester

The Model 820 Panel Performance Tester performs concentrated static, impact load and deflection test requirements in accordance with PS 2. It is appropriate for use in any structural panel manufacturing facility, regardless of which agency provides certification. The Model 820 (formerly TECO QL-2 Concentrated Load and Impact Panel Testing Machine) can test panels from 1/4” to 1-1/8” thick on test spans of 16, 20, 24, 32, 40 and 48 inches.

830 Panel Bending Tester

The Model 830 Panel Bending Tester evaluates finished 4x4 panels based on ASTM D3043 (Method C). The Model 830 (Formerly TECO QL-3) can measure panel deflection in both the parallel and perpendicular direction and takes the panel to ultimate load.