840 Rail Shear Tester

The Rail Shear Tester is ideal for research, certification and quality assurance testing of I-joist web stock. The Model 840 provides a simple, efficient alternative to the edgewise shear test method specified in ASTM D1037, which simulates the shear stress that occurs in web members of wood I joists under bending load.

Testing panel specimens with the Metriguard’s Rail Shear Tester is quick, easy and safe, eliminating the need for tedious and time-consuming drilling and bolting of test rail fixtures as detailed in the ASTM standard. Ongoing shear tests can be done for quality assurance programs for ASTM D5055 Standard Specification for Establishing and Monitoring Structural Capacities of Prefabricated Wood I-Joists.

Operation of the system through a touchscreen monitor, keyboard or mouse is simple. A single test specimen is dropped into the Model 840 jaw assembly. The operator-initiated test sequence engages protective guards, clamps the specimen top and bottom to a pre-set force and applies shear force until failure occurs. Load at which a specimen fails (shears) is recorded into an SQL database accessible by multiple analytic software tools. After a test is complete, the specimen drops out of the jaw assembly, the loading door lock is disengaged so that the access door can be opened and the system is ready for the next test.

Specimen Size

Up to 0.75” (19 mm) thick. Test specimens specified in ASTM D1037 are 3.5 in x 10 in (89 x 254 mm)


Optional accessory load cell and fixtures.

Power Requirements

120 Vac 60 Hz 10A, and 120Vac 60 Hz 2A

100 psi shop air 1 cfm

Hydraulic Pump

2,000 psi 1/2 hp

Maximum Forces

Clamping - 15,000 lbf

Shear - 20,000 lbf


62” x 55” x 33” [1575 x 1400 x 840 mm]


3000 lb [1360 kg]


Alternative horizontal shear loading.

Alternative angle shear degree of freedom.


Windows® operating system controls sequence operation, interlocks and data collection. Data stored in SQL database for easy retrieval and analysis. Touch screen controls included.


Assembled in one integral unit with covers on top, left, right and front. 120Vac power and air connections on right.

Special tools included.
Spares available.