870 Compression Parallel Tester

Provides measurement of ultimate compression strength, parallel to grain

  • Requires little specimen preparation
  • Accommodates most dimension lumber sizes
  • Designed to ASTM requirements for ultimate compression strength measurement
  • Cage prevents buckling of specimens during compression testing and serves as a guard, containing the specimen during failure
  • Spherical bearing in the loading head provides uniform application of the test load over the crosssection of the specimen
  • Force applied either by an optional hand or electric hydraulic pump, and measured by one of three optional force measuring systems
  • Heavy steel frame provides strength and rigidity needed to apply the full testing force to the specimen, while positioning the specimen at a convenient working height
  • Guide bars on the loading heads provide horizontal centering of the specimen prior to application of the test load

Specimens are inserted from either the front or the back of the frame. Compression test force is applied by hydraulic pump and cylinder. Force is measured by one of the optional force measurement options.

Material Size Capacity


1.5 in (38 mm)


Up to 11.25 in (286 mm)


29 in (737 mm)

Maximum Compression Force

100,000 lb (444.8 kN)

System Dimensions

L x W x H

40 x 40 x 56 in (1020 x 1020 x 1420 mm)

System Weight

Approximately 550 lb (250 kg) (not including hydraulic power unit or force measurement system)

Hydraulic Power Systems

Two-stage hand hydraulic pump

One-stage hand hydraulic pump

Half-hp electric hydraulic pump

Force Measurement Systems

Hydraulic Pressure Gauge with Peak Needle and Snubber

Electronic Load Cell with Digital Readout and Peak Track

Guide bars to be specified at time of order. If not specified, the 1-1/2-inch guide bars will be supplied. Special guide bars for other thicknesses are available.