Electronic Force Measurement Systems


  • Metriguard’s finest force measurement system
  • Standard with Models 412 and 422 Tension Testers Optional with Models 401 and 403 Tension Proof Testers, and Models 810 and 870 Compression Testers
  • Eliminates errors caused by cylinder friction in hydraulic pressure indication of force
  • Provides direct digital readout of force as well as analog output of force signal
  • Measures in either standard English or metric units

The Metriguard electronic load cell force measurement system is standard for the Models 412 and 422 Tension Proof Testers. It is also available as an option for the Models 401 and 403 Tension Proof Testers and the Models 810 and 870.

A general purpose version of the system is available for special customer applications, in which case the load cell is extra because it needs to be specified to fit the application.

A shunt calibration feature is provided with each system. Once the system is calibrated, the calibration is easily checked with a push-button calibration switch on the electronic unit’s front panel. This method uses the system’s load cell as a calibrating device. If the calibration checks without adjustment when using the shunt calibrator, the operator can be confident that the force measurement system has retained its calibration.

  • An electronic load cell force measuring system consists of an electronics unit and a load cell.
  • The electronics unit applies stabilized signals to the load cell and processes the signals from the load cell with low noise amplification and coherent detection methods. These methods increase the dynamic range of forces that can be measured.
  • The load cell is physically located within a machine so that the load to be measured or a known fraction of it is applied to the load cell.
  • Load cells used by Metriguard are carefully selected to be stable and reliable with appropriate tolerances for variables such as temperature, off-axis loading, and overload. Other selection criteria include linearity and senstitivity.


Force Outputs

Digital panel meter and BNC front panel connector (0-10 volts)

Force Ranges

Selected by a front panel range switch

Digital Panel Meter

Display selected from force, peak force, or power supply voltages via front panel function switch

Shunt calibration

Activated by front panel switch

Load Cell Capacities

Model 401: 50,000 lbs
Model 403: 50,000 lbs
Model 412: 50,000 lbs
Model 422: 100,000 lbs
Model 810: 10,000 lbs
Model 870: 100,000 lbs

Load Cell, 10 lbf capacity, "S" type SEN-STR-1001
Load Cell, 50 lbf capacity, "S" type SEN-STR-1004
Load Cell, 500 lbf capacity, "S" type SEN-STR-1005
Load Cell, 1,000 lbf capacity, universal SEN-STR-1003
Load Cell, 5,000 lbf capacity, universal SEN-STR-1007
Load Cell, 10,000 lbf capacity, universal SEN-STR-1002
Load Cell, 25,000 lbf capacity, tension link SEN-STR-1009
Load Cell, 50,000 lbf capacity, compression SEN-STR-1006
Load Cell, 50,000 lbf capacity, universal SEN-STR-1014
Load Cell, 100,000 lbf capacity, compression SEN-STR-1013
Load Cell, 100,000 lbf capacity, tension link SEN-STR-1008
Connector, cable-end socket (fits all load cells except tension links) CON-PLU-1030
Indicator, tension link DIS-TRA-1001
Cable, tension link WIR-MUL-1003